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Roving Acts



We collaborate with More than Mime Theatre who specialises in roving entertainment.

Here are some of the acts that work well alongside The Bubble Effect.



Waiters on Stilts

These waiters serve your petit-four, napkin, chocolates, mint, flowers or program in a spectacular, unique and ‘high level’ manner. Giant helium balloons suspend their trays, creating an elegant way of making an impression on your guests.

The Light Prince

A spectacular illuminated version of a Waiter on Stilts. This is the only act in Australia to use these revolutionary fibre optic fabrics, dramatically distinguishing it from the usual fairy lights.

Bubble Man

This cheeky cloud man zips around, followed by a torrent of never ending bubbles (5,000 every minute!) ... and a stream of ecstatic children.

For more unique roving acts go to 

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